What Are The Steps Of Electroporation?

The Process of Electroporation Electroporation is a technique for introducing molecules into cells using an electrical field. Electroporation is often used to introduce DNA or RNA into a cell, but it can also be used to insert protein and small molecules. For example, electroporated DNA can be used as a vaccine or to deliver genes […]

Drug Delivery: What Are The Types of Drug Delivery Systems?

What Are The Types Of Drug Delivery Systems? Drug delivery is a crucial part of medical care today. The goal is to get the right amount of medication into the bloodstream at the right time and place. It is an important process in the pharmaceutical industry, as it allows for more effective and efficient delivery […]

What Are The Different Types of Cellular Transport?

Understanding The Different Types of Cellular Transport Cells need to be able to move substances in and out of their boundaries. This is called cellular transport, and it’s one of the most important functions of living cells. As a result, cells have evolved many different ways to perform this function—different types of cellular transport exist […]

What is Cellular Transport & Why Is It Important?

Why Is Cellular Transport Important? A cell is a dynamic place, with a steady stream of proteins and other molecules coming in and out. Some proteins are made in the cytosol, but many more are synthesized in the nuclei of cells. To ensure that proteins made in the nuclei can be used appropriately in the […]

The Ultimate Guide on Lipid Nanoparticles

Lipid nanotechnology is an area of nanotechnology, which explores methods to modify lipids in order to harness desirable properties that are unavailable with unmodified lipids.

The Complete Guide to Transfection

Transfection is the introduction of genes or other DNA into cells by a non-mechanical method that does not involve electroporation. Transfection can be carried out with a variety of delivery methods.

Electroporation: Uses, & Benefits

Electroporation is a method of transfection used to facilitate the transfer of DNA, RNA, proteins, and small chemical molecules into cells.

Gene Editing 101 Guide: What is Gene Editing?

What is Gene Editing? And how does it work? These are questions we need to be answered before we begin this exciting new science.

What Are Liposomes: A Complete Guide

You may have heard of the term liposome, but what is it and how do they work? T

Nanoparticles in Medicine: An Overview

Are nanoparticles safe for the body? How do they work? And what are the benefits and risks of these materials?

CAR T Cell Therapy: Everything You Should Know

Before getting started with CAR T-cell therapy, you should know more about the process.