Discover the value of MGMR in your process

Seamlessly combine MGMR™ with your Technology in 3 Phases:


Biopact™ Loads Your Molecule

Provide Biopact™ with your gene-editing technology:

  • ZfN

Biopact™ loads MGMR™ with your payload


Biopact™ Evaluates Performance

Biopact™ Determines:

  • Loading efficiency on MGMR™
  • Transfection efficiency in your target cell

Biopact™ reports performance of MGMR™ to partner


Put MGMR™ to the Test

Order MGMR™ Loaded with your Molecule
Sufficient material for in vitro, ex vivo or in vivo testing
Evaluate MGMR™ loaded with your payload in your model of choice

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