Biopact Cellular Transport (Biopact CT) Transfection Technology

Driving down the time and cost of cell R&D and Manufacturing
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The Problem

  • A critical step in cell engineering is intracellular delivery of genetic material (Transfection)
  • Complexities related to Transfection are a major contributor of time and expense to R&D and Manufacturing
  • Major issues with current transfection tools that contribute to time and expense:
    • Cytotoxicity and cell death
    • Low or inconsistent transfection success rate
    • Variable effectiveness by cell and donor
  • Todays transfection methods are inefficient, lack standardization, are not scalable and therefore time consuming and very costly

Unmet need for new and improved transfection technology

researchers developing new methods

Industry Insights

Research & Developers and Cell Manufacturers work with many combinations of cell and gene therapies and each project requires a different approach

It is estimated that gene vectors may contribute 30% or more to the cost of manufacturing ($150,000 +/- estimated COGS) and R&D

We need to standardize as much of the process as possible in order to increase efficiencies and decrease time and costs of R&D and Manufacturing

The industry is looking to develop more enabling technologies including platform-oriented processes

More standardization is required to control costs, maintain margins and make cell therapies more accessible to patients

We need a transfection technology that is platform orientated, scalable and provides more efficiencies and standardization

The Solution

Introducing a new, non-biologic cellular transfection technology platform called MGMR

We believe MGMR is:

  • More efficient and effective
  • Applicable to more cell therapies than any other tool currently available
  • Does little to no damage to cells during the transfection process

A transfection technology with more potential for standardization and scale with cell therapy than any other transfection technology currently on the market


Attributes of MGMR

  • Inert
  • Non-biologic
  • Non-toxic
  • Enters through endocytosis
  • Simple to load/unload
  • Maintains cell proliferation
  • Cargo agnostic
  • Does not alter molecular cargo
  • Scalable

No single transfection technology has so much potential to influence efficiency, scale, standardization and drive down R&D and Manufacturing costs

The Next Generation of Cellular Medicines